Thursday, May 14, 2009

Preparation through Networking

I have found myself busy the last several months following up on great contacts received through social media connections. To give you some highlights of those contacts I have to tell you about a tremendous couple in Seattle, Washington. Joe and Heidi both battle with cancer and yet they still find time to help others. Joe volunteers his time on weekends to design and host websites for people who volunteer their time to help others...such as helping children and their parents in Darfur, Sudan. Thanks to Joe is now up and running!

Then there is Chuck Paris who I met through Linkedin. Thanks to Chuck our website is now featured on his site at I am very excited about how that connection might lead to getting the word out more effectively on the needs in Sudan.

Finding people interested in helping us by giving financially or becoming team members or helping spread the word to others encourages us to move forward in our plans to return to Sudan .

I want to comment in future BLOG postings about the specifics of what we can do through police consulting and assisting with humanitarian aid work throughout Sudan. My dream is to be able to travel with small teams up to four times a year to begin the long term process of establishing a work that runs without our frequent presence. The work involves giving the Sudanese people a passion to carry on the work we help establish.

There is much work to be done and although it is still very dangerous on the ground in Sudan I want to go as often as possible. Establishing our continued presence now will help tremendously when the region becomes more stable. I wish you could have been with me to see the difference between 2006 and 2007 in Juba. Southern Sudan is rebuilding and the Sudanese are proud of what they are doing to establish freedom from an abusive government and the ability to practice any religious expression they choose.

The people of Sudan have suffered greatly and there hope and future are their children. I am looking forward to holding those children again. Making children laugh is worth the airfare all by itself. Children have not been laughing in Sudan for a very long time. There is much need for more of it and I am looking forward to holding many children again to look into their see the hope for the future.

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