Thursday, December 25, 2014

Liberia Blog Samaritans Purse

Beginning the week of January 5th entries will begin to bring updates on the ground from Monrovia, Liberia West Africa.  I have been asked to serve as the Program Manager for Safety and Security for Samaritans Purse.  Please pray for safety for all of Samaritans Purse personnel involved with the Ebola Task Force and that the Gospel will continue to be proclaimed.

My hope is to share with you an honest open report of what is actually happening on the ground in areas of Liberia which has recently gained attention in world news.  Due to security needs and protocols requiring some need for confidentiality there may be some day to day activities not shared.  However, the reality of the suffering and needs in the areas served may be shared along with the stories of hope and steadfastness of a people who have suffered much over the past decade and longer. 

The Gospel is a point of light that I hope to witness first hand penetrating the deepest levels of fear each child, mom and dad may endure in the face of the Ebola virus.